Roast in Singapore?

- Yes we roast our high quality coffee beans in Singapore, we do not outsource our roasting and packing

Taste the difference?

- Compare with your current coffee that you have for example your current espresso blend or single origin coffee, compare it with our coffee, see the difference in fragrance, taste and quality. Quality will prevail and in some cases its very obvious. Coffee consumers in Singapore deserves the best, at Attica Coffee one of our mission is to allow coffee consumers in Singapore to have the best coffee experience ever.

Quality Driven?

- Some coffee companies are solely profit driven, relying just on generic marketing "click baits", exorbitant pricing, fancy names on their coffee product, exaggerated claims of the coffee products etc. At Attica Coffee we are quality driven, with our extensive coffee knowledge background, our main mission is to bring only the highest genuine quality coffee beans consumers in Singapore can finally enjoy and get a hold of. We firmly believe if we uphold quality of our coffee, our consumer will be satisfied and profit will follow soon after.

100 percent Arabica Beans?

- We only use Arabica Coffee Beans, even our Espresso Blend is 100% Arabica beans. We do not sell Robusta beans.

- Card payments charge a certain percentage, PayNow does not, customers will not need bear unnecessary cost. We believe in reasonable pricing and we do not wish for our customer to bear unnecessary cost.

Why we do not accept card payments?