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About Attica Coffee

At Attica Coffee, we are quality driven and passionate in delivering the finest specialty coffee to coffee lovers in Singapore. Leveraging on years of coffee knowledge in the coffee industry from coffee famers, coffee commodity traders, logistics and overall coffee markets, our goal is to be able to deliver genuine coffee efficiently to genuine coffee enthusiast.

Ibrahim Ahmad


Ibrahim is a passionate coffee roaster with a career spanning over two decades. His journey in the world of coffee began in 1997 when he joined a prestigious German coffee trading company, which was among the top 3 green coffee trading companies globally. Working with them for 17 years, he gained extensive knowledge in coffee trading, specializing in green coffee.

His passion for coffee roasting first started from the sample room, where he had the opportunity to sample coffee from various corners of the world. He underwent training in coffee quality assessment, commercial green coffee trading, soluble coffee production, and Specialty Coffee.

Over the years, he’s been fortunate to travel to almost all the coffee-producing countries, immersing himself in the rich diversity of coffee cultures and flavors.

Throughout his career, he honed his skills by working with different companies. His work with a top multinational roasting company, further refined his roasting skills and techniques. He has also contributed his expertise to a green coffee processing plant at origin, and in the process gained valuable insights into the early stages of coffee production.

Following that, he worked in a soluble coffee plant, diversifying his knowledge into the realm of instant coffee.

In the last couple of years, he has ventured into the Australian Specialty coffee scene learning and contributing to the thriving specialty coffee community.

Now, with the start of his own coffee roasting company, ATTICA COFFEE PTE LTD, he brings together his wealth of experience and passion for coffee to deliver exceptional coffee experiences to coffee enthusiasts around the world.

coffee bean lot
coffee bean lot

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